Send Back Program

Hi, welcome to our send back program! 

What our Send Back Program is:

At Au Naturel we're dedicated to reducing waste and being as low impact as possible, so we've created a way to reuse your bottles when you're done with them (if you don't repurpose them yourself)!

How it works:

Any Au Naturel product purchase makes you eligible to participate in the Send Back Program.

Make sure to keep the original mailer box and product packaging (including product boxes) that your order comes in

Once you use every last drop, put the bottle back in the box.

Once you have collected 10 or more empty bottles (from any of our products), package them securely in the original mailer box and product packaging/boxes 

Notify us that you're ready to Send Back and we'll create a shipping label for you to print

When the empties arrive in good shape, you'll get a $15 credit to our shop!