About Us

Hello! Welcome to Au Naturel Co. 

We're a woman founded wellness brand existing to help you create sustainable habits to feel better in your body and better about your impact. 

Who We Are

Au Naturel is founded by me, Sarah Cloes! I'm a designer, former naturopathic assistant, and psychology lover. We work closely with knowledgable naturopathic doctors to formulate our products. We're a small but mighty team that is loving the journey and excited to see what's to come!

Products with Purpose

Au Naturel was born from a genuine love for people and a desire for products that treat us better. We whole heartedly believe in the strength of the mind body connection and work closely with naturopathic doctors to craft plant-based products that influence both the physical and mental space. We’re dedicated to the highest quality, nutrient rich ingredients including organic essential oils, pure vitamins & minerals, and adaptogens. The outcome? A line of innovative products that help you feel your best and make life a little more FUN.

Approachable Wellness

It can be hard to know how to start trying to feel better. Our products are designed to be an easy switch that you can make and use every day to help feel your best, because we believe you deserve it!