Happy Earth Initiative: Is My Box Recyclable?

Part 1 of the Happy Earth Initiative: Understanding the life cycle of your mailer box and how to properly recycle it!

Au Naturel mailer box opening and closing

Our mailer boxes aren't just cute, they are 100% recyclable! Every Au Naturel order comes in a "You Deserve to Feel Your Best" mailer box. We also use recyclable kraft paper fill to keep your items inside the box safe during transit and if you ever see a plastic pouch in your order- it is made of compostable plant plastic (yay plants!). 

Recycling can be confusing and often times things that most people think are recyclable truly are not. The process of recycling can also get confusing, because sometimes PART of an item is recyclable and other parts are not.

Let's get into it!

Certain types of plastic can be recycled and certain types of paper can be recycled, but they go to different places in a recycling plant.

Our mailer boxes are corrugated cardboard (paper) and have a piece of clear plastic tape at the seal of the box to make sure everything stays in during transit. 

We personally think it would be nice to turn your box into art and be reminded everyday that you deserve to feel your best, but that's your call. If you're recycling your box, it's heading to a recycling plant to go into a big hot soup to break down and mix with other paper products. During this process, things that aren't compatible with being recycled along side paper such as plastic tape, rise to the top and are lifted out of the mix to be recycled separately. 

This is a great process, but if you want to make sure that everything is going to the right place and to make it a little easier on the recycling plant workers, you can simply remove the plastic tape from the box and toss it in the recycle separately.

The most important thing is that you make sure your box doesn't end up in the trash! 

Here at Au Naturel Co, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and helping to educated others on the subject. Thank you so much for helping create a Happy Earth with us!

Leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions- we look forward to continuing this conversation with you.



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