AMPLIFY MELANATED VOICES- Actions we can take now.

Like so many others, we are dedicating this week to amplifying melanated voices and will be mindful to diversify our content moving forward. 

We're starting with a roundup of some of our favorite black owned beauty brands, actionable ways to help out for FREE, and actionable ways to help if you have money to spend.


Supporting black owned businesses is a fun and productive way to support the black community directly. 

BLK+GRN: Ooooh girl, this is the ULTIMATE black owned natural product resource. BLK+GRN is a marketplace that curates high quality, non toxic, and exclusively black owned product brands. They also have an incredible blog where they speak on an array of subjects like sustainability, self care, beauty, and more.

Golde: We've been big fans of Golde for a while now, both of their products and as business/branding inspiration. Golde mixes internal wellness with external wellness, offering superfood face masks, smoothie boosters, and matcha! We recently ordered their latte sampler pack and are impatiently awaiting it's arrival...

Hanahana Beauty: A few things stood out to us with Hanahana Beauty. We adore the gorgeous, natural tones that they use in their branding, as well as their dedication to consumer transparency. We can't wait to try their shea balm and more!

Klur: We love Klur's minimalist approach to skincare and the fact that it is built by an experienced esthetician means you can trust the products you are getting. Not to mention it is fully self funded and women operated!

Noshaba Apothecary: Noshaba keeps it simple in the classiest way. They use high quality oils, herbs, and extracts to craft detoxifying skin serums. Good for Noshaba but bad for us- their star product, the Sommer Serum, is completely sold out! Follow their equally enticing instagram to stay updated and connected.

Rose MD Skin: Rose Ingleton knows what she's doing- she has over 20 years of professional experience and owns a New York Dermatology practice. She uses her Jamaican roots to inspire a collection of powerful serums for all skin types.



Sign petitions: 

Show up at protests and rallies

  • Check your city's instagram, twitter and facebook accounts to find events!

Share resources with others- both through social media & call, text, FaceTime family members

Mute your personal social media content for the week

Educate yourself



  • Support black brands, artists, musicians, authors, and businesses
  • This is just scratching the surface- there are so many more places to donate. We encourage you to do your own research to find the fund that you resonate with the most. A reminder to make sure you truly look in to where you choose to put your money and make sure that it is a legit cause!

We hope that this roundup is helpful and gives some clarity to the overwhelming amount of information being shared. If you have other resources, places to donate, or would like to share the things you've been doing- please leave us a comment below!

We're here for you, we stand with you, and we are excited to be a part of this change. 

With love,

The Au Naturel team

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